Marfa Texas Tour  April 9–12, 2015

Roundtrip Tour from Phoenix Arizona

"Complicated, incidentally, is the opposite of simple, not complex, which both may be."


Our Story

Dear Friends of Gnosis, as of 2014, this organization no longer exists as a nonprofit entity but we will continue to love the questions and the sheer joy of the learning journey Gnosis has been for us.

The new face of the company is Gnosis Media, LLC.

  • Our purpose is to observe and absorb the world

This is Suzanne, the ARCHON.

She loves to stir the creative sirens, and will accompany us to the reaches of transformational journeys.

Reserve your spot on the highly anticipated tour by making a reservation. A $250 non-refundable deposit is required by 12/31/2014. The airlines and other service providers demand monetary commitments!

Photos © Michael P. Johnson 

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