Beth Ames Swartz / Reordering

A film about an artist whose 55-year career has been shaped by physical landscape; social environment; and religious, philosophical and aesthetic expressions of culture, and addresses the wellsprings of human caring and social identity.

Partnership: Odyssey Film, LLC

Afghanistan: Our Own Backayard

Afghanistan: Our Own Backyard is a half hour documentary focusing on education, the key to entrepreneurship and prosperity. Against the background of that war-torn county, the film also reviews Afghanistan's 30-year history of war.

Partnership: Odyssey Film, LLC

Judy Bruce Art

A documentary on the work of accomplished mixed media artist Judy Bruce; her persona and very importantly her process.

Partnership: Odyssey Film, LLC

Raffia Baskets

On one of their many adventures, Odyssey Film LLC discovered that RIT Dyes are the color source for raffia and pine needle baskets created in the Highlands of Guatemala. When the filmmakers returned to the U.S. they contacted Phoenix Brands who recognized the importance of prioritizing the development of women’s leadership globally and RIT immediately arranged to donate their dyes in support of the work of the weavers of Xeabaj. These artisans, partnered with Mayan Hands, a fair trade nonprofit organization, use traditional techniques in their quest to bring their families out of extreme poverty while they continue living within their beloved culture. 

Partnership: Odyssey Film, LLC

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